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Canadian elections: Will anyone even notice?
Well, no surprises here. We are back to the way it was before the election: a conservative minority government. I wonder how Harper will now deal with the press since it was because he had a minority previously that he called the election, breaking his own fixed election date law...
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XRIMO Wrote:With the frenzy of news covering the American elections this November, will anyone even notice that Canada may have elections in October...?

Let me explain, our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has decided that the parliment cannot function properly with his minority government. Thus he has decided to go against his fixed election legislation (which means that the election should have happened Oct. 2009), and there will most likely be an election announced at the end of the week.

The bumbling opposition leader, Stephan Dion calls it a sham and that Harper is using this since he believes he can finally gain a majority Conservative government.

In addition, Canada's party system will be slightly altered now with the full inclusion of the new Green party, which just received its first seat in parliment thanks to a Liberal MP who crossed the floor.

Thus Canada will have the following parties to choose from:
Conservatives: Lead by Stephen Harper
Liberals: Lead by Stephan Dion
New Democratic Party: Lead by Jack Layton
Bloc Quebecois: Lead by Gilles Duceppe
Green Party: Lead by Elizabeth May

Phew... what will we do? :confused:

There is no lesser of evils... I'd almost prefer that Stephan Harper stay since I think Dion is an idiot. Anyway, thats the goings on in the Great White North.

ouch .. no I apologize but caught up in my own country and you're right .. we need to pay attention and I will try to pay more

but you'll be happy to know that Canada got some mentions on the debate tonight in the US!
oh should I mention that because of Obamas views on free trade Canada said fine .. we'll go sell our oil to China instead of the US?

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