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Capital punishment
I liked this one...

On another theme defended by Amnesty International... the cause for battered wives (or partners) Don't remain silent faced with home violence.

A penalty is stressful for anyone.

The Power of Your Signature: ( a brilliant metaphore)

Let's not forget this one too...

Great shorts from Amnesty International PA...I have supported them for many years. I strongly believe that I cannot ask for basic rights and equality myself without standing up firmly for the basic human rights of other people...I wish more people understood that because it would be so much easier to achieve humanitarian goals if people could take a second and put themselves in someone else's shoes and take a second to give a sh*t about someone else they don't know because when one person suffers due to tyranny and oppression so do I and whether we realize it or not so does everyone else because silence = is a matter of principle. We are all connected and it DOES matter and the video with the bullet and signatures is VERY POWERFUL. (OK...getting off my soapbox now) Thanks for posting those videos.
Oh yeah...forgot to add...I get incensed when the State takes someone's life in my name because I am a citizen. An eye for an eye makes everyone blind.

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