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Car Crashes and other BS
It's been a while since I was last here, mainly because of prepping for college.
I'm a freshman in college now! Woot!
Even though it's just a community college, it's still the first steps towards my ultimate goal of getting my PhD in...well I don't know that part yet. I'm still deciding between Psychology and Folklore. I'm leaning towards Psychology just for the job stability in it :3

Anyway, Wednesday was my second day of college, and the day of my first car crash!
I was just outside the school when this girl, about 20, pulled out in front of me and caused me to slam into the passenger side door! She's at total fault.
Other than being really sore and having to take special anti-inflamitory medication, I'm fine.
We're picking up the rental car later today.
I ended up missing all my classes Wednesday, but I made sure to email all my teachers so all is good.

Another bit of upset in my life though, is though G and I are still good friends, it's finally sinking in, the fact we'll probably never be together. It's really upsetting, but I'm taking it in stride. I'm just happy I'm still so close to my ex, even if just as friends.

So, yeah.
There's a lot more going on in my life but most of it is kinda irrelevant, like my new glasses or my search for a new ferret for Lucifer to be friends with.

It's busy, and the best thing to do is just keep going with it and not try to fight it
i know your busy but if you have time and the case# or name,date,location... call the cops and get her citation#. Make sure they charge her with the accident and what was her ticket for; hope its not for improper maintenance of a motor vehicle. Call the insurance company 800# and make sure they are straight on the issue.

sorry for you being being really sore after the crash, drink a few beers, actually helps. good and bad advice here.
My parents are taking care of the insurance and all that :3 All is running smoothly, by the looks of it.
And as for the beer, well, I'm 18 XD;; It's kinda illegal for me to consume alcohol. And I'm on medications that can kill me if I mix with Thank you for the advice though! I really appreciate it! 8D
I'm glad you're basically okay and that you have people to help you with the insurance and all.

I hope you find a good friend for Lucifer and, that your new glasses fit right and don't give you headaches.

As for the rest, have a hot bath, a box of chocolates and a good movie Smile
So glad you are alive.
Blue: lol Thanks :3 My arms still ache but not as bad and I can move them better than yesterday lol Hot showers and peanutbutter cup pie is the ultimate cure for all my pain. And for the lucifer friend search my vet is helping out with that. And I'm in love withe my new glasses 8D

Rainbowmum: Thank you ;u;

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