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Carl Nassib is what he wanted to be: just another NFL player
Carl Nassib is what he wanted to be: just another NFL player

By Cyd Zeigler - Sep 15, 2022

And at the same time, he’s just like everyone else in the NFL. 

The outside linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was signed late in the preseason, played some snaps, and made an appearance in the team’s Week 1 Sunday Night Football dominance of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Absent from said appearance was anything about him being a trailblazing out gay athlete.

There were no rainbow flags, no special TV package about him being gay. He was a substitute coming off the bench. That was it.

Many have speculated that gay athletes stay in the closet in part because they don’t want to be known as “they gay athlete.”

Nassib is showing them that after some fanfare, gay athletes are just another guy on the roster.

We’ve been told for years that gay athletes in big-time men’s pro sports will create a “media circus” for his team, that somehow being out will undermine the title championships of the team that plays an out gay athlete.
In Week 1 of the 2022 season, virtually no one gave a crap that Nassib was gay. Or that he was “publicly out.” That he was a “trailblazer” was utterly lost in his push to make the 46-player game-day roster (which he made).
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