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Catch 22?
Even though people know I am gay at work, I am expected to behave to the straight-laced standards of working in a bank. Making a living, and eventually-hopefully a very good one is the cornerstone of the social lifestyle I want to enjoy. I want a successful partner, a nice home, and travel. If anything, tobacco, booze, grass or anything jeopardizes the way I make a living, it will be gone from my life immediately. Gay in itself is not an easy road, and sometimes it seems to me that we are expected to perform at a higher standard than straights. I live for the weekends. I get wild, but not out of control. Sometimes I pass myself off as a sleazebag just to see how people react.
starlight777 Wrote:installed spyware on his smartphone without him knowing to find out whether he's smoking or not
Tell us what app you used?
you in over your head when you did this, back track it out of your life, forget it.

i dont use the stuff.

the weed, the active ingredients get into hair growth etc and is easy for an employer to detect. If you dont need to maintain this false pretense for employers it is healthier to use weed than say alcohol. Best if you could abstain from both but if he only uses weed why not join him?

in the US the federal gov has indicated they will not prosecute drug enforcement for weed. End result is in Denver, CO it is legal to use it. I dont think this is the worst thing happening, the City and County of Denver Colorado - USA is not had any bad effects for the reefer madness. There are store fronts on most city blocks.

Not how you do it but just that you can hold your life together.

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