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Cats cats and more cats!
I love cats. My family has always had at least two cats in our household ever since I was born. The majority of the time, they're Siamese, we kind of have a thing for Siamese cats. Sometimes talking about it sounds weird, but I really have to say that cats are awesome. Whenever I go to someone's place and they have cats, I often spend more time with the cats than with the person. Can't wait to have a solid enough living arrangement to get one or two of my own. Rolleyes

Anyone else here cat people?
I'm more of a dog person, but cats don't bother me.
My half sister's household has always had cats. They're nice but they really have to get to know you.
They have a cat and every time I go to their house he just stares at me for a minute then goes back to his spot. If I try to get close and pet him he just runs away, so I just get frustrated and give up.
But on my block there's this cat named Buddy. He's suuuper chill and he always posts up on top of one of the cars in our driveway. And he'll actually come up to me, and whoever I am with, and rubs himself on my legs. He loves attention and loves being pet. Probably the best cat I've ever met.
I just like it better when animals are sociable, and cats can be, its just more rare.
I've always liked cats and they seem to like me. When I was living on my family farm at 13-14 the barn cats even came up to me while avoiding everyone else (though one half-grown cat walked up and then climb my leg like it was a tree, though it seemed to understand my yowl as to not do that again...). And ever since I was a little girl I was a huge fan of the Dorrie the Little Witch series and wanted a black cat like hers which I'd also named Gink, and to this day the desire remains with me.

I've even had some very interesting experiences with cats, though I don't feel like sharing at this time.

I used to feed outside cats (that is, they weren't mine) where I used to live, something that would tick my girlfriend at the time off because we'd argue about money (she spent so much of it) but I'd buy them cat food.

One day one of the outside toms (almost all black so one I thought of as a "potential Gink") came to my door and stumbled in. He'd never done that before, he was very suspicious and independent. I looked up his symptoms and realized he had antifreeze poisoning and I tried to get him to a vet stat, but it was the day before Thanksgiving and every single vet I called played stupid and wouldn't see him, even when they'd try to get me to set an appointment for next week and I'd say, "He'll be dead by then." And he was, he died that night around 2 AM IIRC. That was a key incident on changing how I perceived people.

Now I'm in a family with a skittish white cat that loves me.
I'm both , I love my long walks with my dogs.
But I do love my kitties.
Although misty the Himalayan can get a bit territorial , they entertain me with their antics for hours.
especially Kit she is a terror .
cats are ageless
Never been a cat person, probably never will. always had a dog in the house since I was 2 years old
Dogs rule, nuff said. Cats are alright, kinda boring but they work for some people
I usually love Dogs a bit more than cats but I love cats too. I used to have four cats but they all died and I havent' gotten baby grew up to be a zillion pounds and he was so tiny when he was born...seriously...he got HUGE! People were afraid of him...he was a Scottish Fold...their ears fold back and they have a face that kinda looks like a monkey...

He was the sweetest cat I ever had...I had to hide him from the breeder who got pick of the litter...when you breed a fold you never know how many will come with their ears that way. Cat breeders are funny.....there are so many things that determine "perfection" so I got all of my cats from her that were was an American Shorthair...then I got a Himmie.....and finally got the Scottish Fold and her baby boy.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZOtzoFoJsgV_PGF39NWv...dYWa420qfq]
Cats and dogs I can do without either of them..!

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
My family have had three cats for most of my life.
When i was born, my parents had one cat, then when i was around three, my parents got two more, when i was around 12, the first cat died, about a year later we got another, and those are the cats we still have now.(Yes, i still live my parents.)

I love them to bits, but i'm getting REALLY tired of the fur everywhere(all three are long haired) and how often they chuck up.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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