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Cats cats and more cats!
Not a fan of cats at all there is just something about them that's a but off.
I don't mind cats, or any animal really. If someone has a pet and I am visiting I'll play with it ha. Prefer dogs, I think mainly because that is what I was raised with at home and in particular because my family has a farm(lot of dogs on the farm). I CANNOT WAIT to have a place of my own and to get a husky :-P
dogs are playful and cats are cute .. but I can easily do without either
Mum, I love Misty the Himalayan, we inherited such a cat from my grandparents when they passed away, he was a sweetie.

Dogs are ok, but I feel like they NEED you to care for them, meanwhile cats seem to take care of themselves and will come to you when they WANT attention. I don't know, I just see human-like personalities in so many cats and it makes me laugh... but once again I'm a major cat person.
I don't know what it is though, cats have an evil look about them lol.

We currently do not have indoor cats. We do have the feral cat colony down the slope.

Slope.... Now I have to explain that. We live on two acres of land which is backed by the Tuolumne River, the last quarter of that land on the river side extends downward at about75-80 degrees down 75-90 feet to the river (it changes depending on how high the river is). The property sits on a hill that is being slowly eroded away by the river. In a few hundred thousand years this property will be gone.

While it is technically riverside property, its above the river - so far above the river that should the river ever flood enough to wet my door step such minor towns like Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento would be under 50+ feet of water....

We live out a ways from city folk, yet city folk love to come out and dump stuff out here, old refrigerators, old mattresses, unwanted pets... you know, stuff. Dogs, cats, white rabbits, I would assume snakes, and other exotic pets as well. For a few years we had a pair of parakeets residing in the trees. Try as I might I couldn't coax them down. A hard frost took care of that - killing both birds. Cry

Anyway, we have about 20 feral cats, these were dropped off (I assume) by city folk. A few were already fixed, a couple have been declawed. When I first moved her there were over 50, I trapped them, took them to the vet for basic shots and 'fixing'. By 2007 we were down to 5 old 'strays'. since 2008 the population has climbed back up to about 20. Each new cat we find I catch and try to find its home and get it checked to see if its fixed. If not fixed then I get it fixed. Shots are not being done this go round... trust me $50 per male, $80 per female is getting a bit expensive on the fixing end of things.

The cats have the full run of the slope. And they have the old wood shed for shelter - it isn't heated - but the last few nights most of the cats were in there and it was above freezing - about 40F even though it was 24F - lots of warm cat bodies in the small space.

As far as I know none of 'my' cats have had kittehs. I haven't seen kits in years - so you can pretty much guess that these grown cats are just appearing out of thin air.... Or humans are taking their cats for a drive and dropping them off out here in the 'country' where the cats will be wild and free like they are meant to be...Rolleyes

I have better success at finding homes for the stray dogs. Andromeda (AKA - Andi - however my pet name for her is 'Bug'), our Yorkie-Schnauzer Mix we couldn't find a home for. Her tail is bobbed, and she was just one year old, having her first heat and her one year teeth in. She had been 'groomed' since they need to have hair cuts to keep from looking something like a mini-sheep dog. They are expensive dogs too being a 'new breed' mix that is hypo-allergenic.

We have the 'pet cemetery' in the Blue Spruce 'Yard' - actually under the spruces. Its completely illegal for me to have a cemetery on my property (for animals or humans) , through the years I have buried many 'unwanted' pets that I have found either on my property or on the side of the road dead. Along with a few of our own that have passed on due to old age.

There are Cats, Dogs, Rabbits (White Rabbits and Holland Lop rabbits are not native to the area) A couple parakeets and a few 'wild' animals such as the squirrel that decided to use the electrical wires as a highways and misstep one day, he had a shocking experience.

In 2009 our 'no-kill' pound 'quietly' reverted to a 7 day holding policy. It remained 'quiet for a few months' until somebody found out that they were reducing that 7 day holding policy to just 3 days.... This is in answer to the economy.

When the economy tanks the critters are the first to be sacrificed, people start dumping animals left and right since they are expensive.

Am I a cat person - No not really. I am allergic to cat dander - running eyes, flowing nose - if a cat scratches me the wound gets all red and inflamed - mean looking.

Am I a cat person - yes, I keep a pride of "wild" cats, fix them, tend them, make certain that the roof on the cat house doesn't leak, make certain they have food and water, taken the sickly ones in (when I can catch them) to a vet....
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I like cats when they don't attack you, my friends cat is all for biting and scratching anytime you go near him.
However if I had my own cats I think I'd get too attached and be so upset when they died so I kind of think no I'd rather not have one... however weird that sounds.
mrk2010 Wrote:I don't know what it is though, cats have an evil look about them lol.

[Image: EvilObamaCat.jpg]
I've never been a dog person, for me, they're too "needy".

Dog mentality: pet me pet me feed me walk me play with me walk me feed me pet me pet me feed me pet me pet me.

Cat mentality: If you're lucky, you'll pet me.


I do have allergies to animals, it seems that dogs do me in moreso than cats, or I've adapted to cats, so they're not as bad.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Couldn't have said it better myself!

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