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Cats cats and more cats!
dog's personalities are as varied as people.
cats have one setting only: schizophrenic.

but seriously, woof. period.
I love my cat. I also love my dogs. So I am in between.
Oh, I'm a huge cat fan!

I have two cats, that I love. Maybe love too much, haha. XD
Big cat fan here, have two myself.

I'm watching a documentary on Yellowstone at hte moment and one of my cats is trying to climb inside the TV to get to the bird on screen :biggrin:
OHMYGOSH I <3 cats! My family and my grandma, they've always had cats and they're the sweetest little things! They always jump on my lap when I'm taking a nap (oh the rhyme) or reading something and start to cuddle. Seriously, pretty much every single cat there has been in the family has been a cuddler.

I don't have a cat of my own tho. I've talked with my bf about it, next year we might get one.

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