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Caught on Camera
My game cam caught these two beauties. Yes the buck closet to the camera is just coming out of velvet, loosing the blood filled velvet like covering that allows his antlers to grow. They are at a feeder near my one man stand. Bow season opens this weekend, so, if it's cool enough to make getting one home safe for the meat, I hope to take one of them (preferably the one coming out of velvet.)

[Image: picture.php?albumid=499&pictureid=3533]
Deer jerky! Smile
GossamerMoon Wrote:Deer jerky! Smile

You know it, I do at least 25 lbs of it every season, and summer sausage, venison chorizo, and more if I get all four I'm allowed here.
Oh my gosh. i gotta get you to send me some of that!

Actually, I've been playing with the idea of finding a hunting buddy. I just don't know if my old-for-my-age joints can handle it, though. I already know how to skin and butcher, as I helped with that once.
In that case you need a ground blind. Get it out ASAP, then all you do is go in early in the day, unfold that padded lawn chair, have a seat and wait for the deer.

Old joints are why I hunt from a stand, not the old spot and stalk of my younger days.
Why? I can only have one buck, the rest have to be doe and, they are overpopulated here. The last two years one county or another has had to do a special doe only extended hunt in an effort to get the deer population under control around here. Now with the drought this year, there isn't enough food for them all to survive the winter.

That one is an atypical so, not ideal breeding stock anyway and would never make a trophy buck. There is a younger one in the same area that isn't atypical (the other one in the picture) And better I take him than he starve to death or, end up culled by the owner of the land (yes that's private hunting property) or, road kill. At least I won't let him go to waste.

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