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Challenges of coming out
Out of the people that has ended a straight long term relationship how have you dealt to meet people or which are the tougher issues you have faced at the beginning.
I wouldn't call the 11 moths I spent married before I came out long term, more like me failing miserably at trying to be what my abusive but, very religious parent had brainwashed me into thinking I should be.

Of course, being young, though in the closet, I was anything but faithful to my wife. Thankfully I got into BDSM not long after I married. I had been curious about it even as a young teenager, just something about leather and metal arranged in a sensuous manner on a man. So I had the advantage of my very straight laced, christian wife not even considering that my late nights were spent in sexual dungeons.

That's a bit different than most, but I think the same techniques apply. Do a little research, fin groups of people that are into whatever and that have some gays in the group. It could be anything you are into, games, a sport, garden club, cocktail parties, cooking classes, even a gay friendly tavern or pub the has events going on that encourage people to talk and interact.

It's easier for people to relax and open up if they already know they have at least one common interest to discuss and, doing the same thing together naturally build a bit of a feeling of comradery. Also, doing things like that keeps you from looking like you are out fishing, which you are, but it doesn't look so obvious if you are in a group for a common activity or interest.

Same Idea as taking home economics class to meet girls (yeah I know a few straight guy that did that). Ostensibly, you are there to share or learn something, but you are also scouting for a potential partner.

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