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Changes to the Zodiac
So, anybody else hear that the Star Sign you grew up with might not be correct? Apparently the astrologers messed up and didn't realize that the stars today are not the same as they were thousands of years ago. There's also a new sign, Ophiuchus.

Here's a link to the news article where I initially found out: New Zodiac Sign Chart With Ophiuchus

In the revised Zodiac, I'm a Cancer instead of a Leo - which reflects me perfectly! So, what's your actual Star Sign? (And by "actual" I mean the "new" ones, since these are the real ones and the "old" ones are wrong.) Does it fit you? Are you perhaps one of the mysterious new Zodiac, Ophiuchus..?
I already answered in the other zodiac thread, but I'll say it again, I'm still a Taurus HA! No matter what, me and the bull are inseperable.

also this:
im Sagittarius...never read up on it apart from knowing im half horse Smile hope i got the best bits haha - no idea what my personality should be like according to astrology though
What I've heard is that the old ones are not 'wrong,' but this change has to do with the Eastern interpretation of zodiac signs, which different than the way almost all westerns use them.

Anyway, i'm apparently a Gemini now. I don't follow astrology or anything, but cancer describes me almost perfectly -_- for better or for worse.... So I think if I have to identify with one of them, it will still be cancer.

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