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Check My New Picture
My name is Robert. Guys, please check my new face picture Smile What do you think? Smile
Nice pic... more close up would be nice.

Looks like a lovely area. Where is the local?

That picture was taken by the Lake in a small town of MA.

I should have hidden my face
applepieohmy Wrote:fjp999,

That picture was taken by the Lake in a small town of MA.

MA as in Maine???

Quote:I should have hidden my face

Now stop being silly. You are very cute and I was hoping to see one closer up, Please?
Me cute? LOL

Everyone here in MASS treats me as if I am ugly looking. I cry myself to bed every night.
That's not a nice thing to say and it's totally untrue,we're all friends here.Frank is right,you're a cutie!
Hi applepieohmy,

welcome to GaySpeak, cool picture, nice area! Cool

Thanks guys. I just wish I was cute/good looking. I received another hateful and hurtful email tonight. A local guy saw me in person and said I am very ugly looking Sad
he is very bad manners saying that.and not kind. it is weird he done that. i hope you feel better soon. i dident now what picteur but i bet it not ugly.
joseph you should be able to hit this link and see the pic:

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