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Chicago may get 'gay-friendly' high school
[COLOR="Purple"]This was the days before digital cameras so I doubt that I have any pics...

I will look to see if I can find any archived pics from the collection.

They really are marvelous pieces and I am very lucky to have them... and only got them as JPG had his first big sponsors from Japan. They had a licenses to put out a Japanese version (much cheaper pricing than the Italian made originals).

Twice a year they would have a HUGE family sale at their warehouse with everything marked down 50 - 90% and a friend showed me how easy it was to change the price tags... so I would walk out with an Italian made JPG man skirt marked from $2,000 to $50. OH HAPPY DAYS[/COLOR]
sox-and-the-city Wrote:Sound like a two fabulous pieces to me. Do you have pictures?? I really wanna get my hands on a manskirt. Maybe that'll be the way for me to wrangle it...


[COLOR="Purple"]omg omg omg ... searching for the skirts didnt bring up my exact one but did find some lovelies

and this vid. OMG OMG OMG... saw JPG perform this for a group of about 25 with one of the male models... OMG OMG OMG[/COLOR]
lol my school there are so meany homophobes
its fun being openly gay there most of the guys are sceard of me

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