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Children and Fast Food?
zeon Wrote:He wants her beaver????Roflmao

frightened he might miss out on a bit of diving hehe

kindest regards

zeon x
You surely cannot be saying what I think you are saying?

Children are the most precious gifts ever entrusted to other human beings. I find the idea of any abuse of children really upsetting :frown: even in jest.
zeon Wrote:shadow did u get hooked on the chemodically fied burgers???

I think it was just that it was really handy for where I was working (literally a 60 second walk away), and what started as a treat turned into a convenience turned into a habit ...

... and then, as with so many foods, I just went off them one day, and haven't been back since, and that's like ... I guess 8-9 years ago now ?



!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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