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Choose Your Favorite Pro-War Candidate - by John Pilger
about half a million Serbs were killed in ww2, gays too no doubt ,gay Serbs and who paid ? no one

no one was executed or went to prison and who did the killing? the Croatians and the muslims i think

they killed -they cant make up damn lies as well ? sure they could
HollandofFrance Wrote:[quote=Inchante]I met many people, refugees, who fled from Serbian war crimes. If there is fault with what the internation

im not a serb but i dont believe everything i hear

what are the facts?people do lie

it could be true though
americans and Europeans seem to know less and less about meaningful history and more about nonsense

i was hoping someone would comment on the Serbian holocaust in ww2

its odd the Albanians helped the Jews but persecuted the Serbs i think

are serbs such bastards they deserved it?of course no one does
a lot of the refugees were created when NATO jerks bombed

i dont vote for nato or UN just congress and i want to vote THEM all out!!
i sort of like maria cantwell and senator wyden but i dont know

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