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Cinnomon-Pear Panna Cotta
So for my nutrition class we've been each randomly assigned an ingrediant to make a healthy dish that we will prepare and give samples to the class and calculate calories and nutrition and stuff. My ingrediant was soy milk.

This is what I plan on doing:

A cinnomon pear panna cotta, so I'll puree the pears that have been cooked in cinnomon and all that jazz.

Then I'll garnish with walnuts that I myself have been harvesting from my neighborhood (seasonally fresh food way to eat healthy!)

I'm also going to sorta...line the edge of the bowl (it'll be super small since it's just sample sizes not serving sizes) with pomegranates and then put the walnuts in the make it know healthy food's gotta look pretty too. xD

So I what I need from YOU is your on opinion on if that sounds tasty and any suggestions of things you would add or subject or maybe some tips on putting this all together.

It's gonna have to serve 30 people so each person will only get a bite sized amount, I'll probably get small dixie cups or maybe those little plastic thing they put jello shots in.
sounds delicious so far, you should post a pic of it when you're done.
That sounds absolutely delicious Spencer Confusedmile:

Personally, I wouldn't change a thing. But its your dish, you may have completely different ideas on how to improve it. Trust your gut (pun not intended)
I'd add a little nutmeg, not so much that you can actually taste it, but warm maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon in the soy milk. It give that "Yum, what is that? I can't put my finger on it." taste to almost any dish that's heavy on any milk or cream.

It sounds delicious, sweet creamy, comfort food that'a actually healthy.
Oh good positive responses. xD
I like the nutmeg idea! I'll give it a shot. I'm going to do a test run with my parents and family. I keep forgetting I"ll be using soy milk so I'm having some issues actually imagining how it'll taste and I'm a little worried but I think it should be okay.

I'll definately post pics when I'm done. I'm looking foreward to having a pretty dish. I kinda feel like I'm on that food show (okay there's a thousand and they'll all pretty much the same). You now getting an ingrediant and you have to make something awesome and you have to make the flavors go well together and make it look pretty and all that. Haha.
Soy milk will taste fine, not much different than cow's milk but, if it's a bit too" beany" for you, then try almond milk. I like both for most milk deserts, but you might like almond better.
I have to use soy milk though. We were each given an ingrediant to make a dish out of and mine was soy milk so I gotta use it.
It will be fine, I do find Silk brand better than 8th Continent in the plain varieties, vanilla is fine in either as is chocolate (but that wouldn't go in you dish)

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