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Clapham Junction - Channel 4
Anyone watched that gay film? Watched it in Channel 4 (UK) the other day and i thought it was quite unpleasant as it shows the bad side of the gay life. What everybody thinks?

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I hated it. I mean it shows gays to be desperate? Like the glory holes etc and the whole 14 year old going over to that guys house -

Also 14 and 29? Showing no morals..

Then all the stabbings etc.. That was really low.. I mean yes it does happen all of the above but not ALL the time.

It just made me think ew.

Which surely cant be good for already homophobic people?
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I learn to love it more and more.
It was an interesting programme. Would have to agree it didnt exactly show gay lifestyle very positively... actually, it didn't show anything positive.

Starting off with a civil partnership - which seemed like a positive thing but on the "wedding" night, one of the guys is already cheating.

Then there was the homophobic attacks, cruising etc.

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