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Clean joke I heard
A man is passed out across 3 chairs in a movie theater. A guy walks by and says "Hey, bud. You can't take up all those seats!" The guy moans groggily at him. Later, the usher comes by and says, "Sir, please do not lounge across the seats, or I will call the manager." The guy groans again. Finally, the manager and a policeman come up to the man. "Alright, buddy! What is your name?" The man mumbles "Fred." The policeman continues, "So, Fred, where did you come from?" And Fred looks at the cop, points up and says "The balcony!"
thats funny! kinda fitting as we are thinking of going to a club called the balcony thats on the third floor? and i have thought if anyone has fell over the railing drunk. lol
that made me laugh .... i wanted to put a gay joke up but i didnt want to offend anyone so changed my mind Smile
matty, you can send the joke to me. I don't get offended too easily.
matty, send the joke my way.
matty, we wanna hear the joke, send to us, or post it here. Anyway, I have another gay joke...
Did you hear that they are gonna make another Star Wars movie, with an all-gay cast? It's gonna be called... "Revenge of the Sith-y"

Thor comes to Earth, appearing outside of a whorehouse. He sees the madam in the doorway and says in his booming voice, "I AM MIGHTY THOR!" and she says, "Well, tho am I, thweetie!"
Mostly all I know are dead baby jokes. They go over really well at a nice dinner with a couple glasses of wine.
funny Smile...

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