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Colin Morgan (Merlin) as gay John...
DerJack Wrote:But I am a big fan of Shameless (UK) and Father Ted (no longer airing) which are two of my most favorite shows ever! Unfortunately I've been out of the Shameless loop for quite sometime, but I always had the biggest crush on Ian (go figure).

I love Shameless too. I have seen the first 5 seasons of the UK version, I am a bit out of the loop to, I believe it is upto season 8. I also believe there is now a US version, not interested in seeing that though.

Merlin is a series that you have to watch from the first episode in the first season to get it. Many characters and plots are introduced along the way and if you start watching it late into the series, it won't make sense.
Syfy is going to start air season 4 Jan 6th I think Last night they did a season 3 marathon of merlin
Ive seen acouple episodes of merlin and it is a good show to be honest. I just dont watch alot of tv.
very cute guy
i just got done watching season 1-4 of Merlin
i am experiencing withdrawal, any suggestions what to watch?
Completely hooked on this show, have followed it from the first series, week by week! sooo addicted to it, though personally I don't find the actors attractive, just love the whole medieval genre Tongue
MidgetGem Wrote:I don't find the actors attractive
liking the dragon:
[Image: Merlin-dragon-431x300.jpg]
just kidding, but overall an ok tv series.

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