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Hey guys, long time no post.

I got pretty busy right after writing my thread on drugs and alcohol, so I never responded. I did just now read through all of them. It was very helpful, thanks. Smile

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm at college now. Smile My very first dating opportunities are about to open up... There's a "queer student mixer" coming up on Wednesday. Underclassmen only.

Should be interesting....! Wish me luck!
Good luck, dude!!! :]]]]]]]]]
good luck, hope you find some one nice :]
Good luck! College is AMAZING!!!
Very cool.

IN college here as well (part-time/night though). Three semesters away from graduating.
Good luck!

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Good luck at college m8 and have fun, but remember to do some studying at least some of the time. Wink

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