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Come at me bro!
welcome to the forum
#12 need to post 20X to get certain privlages! Just thought I would inform you of that...don't know why but that is the rules!
TigerKneeCrush Wrote:ah damn, I can't post my pic!

I like MMA and video games. I'm mostly on cameldog so if i'm not around a lot here, send me some messages. I want to get know some new folks!

The chat room I find is the best but there are peek times and then times when no one is on.

And welcome to gs home of awesome homos with good advice n.n
And I like MMA too I do taekwon-do and love it. thinking once I got my black belt that I'll change to a different martial art.
you'll get more punches than kisses with your behaviour
hello and welcome to the forums
Welcome and have fun! Confusedmile:
Welcome to GAYSPEAK!!!

I hope you have a wonderful time here.

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