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Coming out as Transgender
I originally came out to my parents and brothers and sisters as gay when I was like 22 years old and that was like twenty years ago and feels like that has been forever ago, After being out for 6 years I went back into the closet when I was like 28 years old and I only come out to random people if it does come up.

I have always been Transgender as far as I can remember but have been a professional at denying who I really was and just hid it deep down inside and never let it see the light of day.

Recently in the last year or so the feelings of being Transgender is stronger than ever and I just recently told my real mother who lives in CA that I have not seen in like twenty some years and then I also came out to a few friends as well and they seem to be cool with it.

I live Full Time as a Man but I do very much consider myself Transgender even though I do live as a man, its who I really am inside. I hope that some day I have the confidence and desire to be out with more people in my life.
Well done, I hope you feel a lot better in yourself?
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