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Coming out to my dad...
ok you know how he will respond so let it leak to him through some one else that way you are not directly there for ease of instant responce and he will have time to think and perhaps temper his responce
you his hope for thee future so yes he will be devasatedbut if he really thinks about it he may not be as bad as you think nd he may think others must have corrupted you and some day you will come out of the hypnotic state your in and follow his plans for you but try to be patint with the bastard remember he is the way he is basicly because he was brought up in a more brainwashed scoictyeven thogh he choice to be the way he is nd when i talked to him i might make him think about that. what ever good luck to you
but with love and example perhaps other pepol will change their minds and addatudes
aggie2015 Wrote:I don't know why it is so important for me to feel accepted by him but it has been something I've always wanted.
Think for about your self as an individual, THATS WHAT BOTH OF YOU WANT. Dont play into his hand and be disappointed. Break the circle and be the best gay you can be.

oldster Wrote:... but with love and example perhaps other people will change their minds and attitudes
Its up to you to be this person.
Thanks everybody! All the advice has been very helpful and I really appreciate it!
I think the best thing to do is just tell him and if his got the problem then say goodbye... You are the most important person in your life and if he cannot accept his son is gay thats his problem not yours so live yourself for you

kindest regards

zeonj xx

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