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Completed 10km Long Distance Run
I completed my 10km long distance run under the Standard Chartered Marathon this morning. I was able to finish this year 10km long distance run 5 minutes earlier than my previous record. My previous record was 74 minutes, today I finished my run within 69 minutes.

I ran from beginning to the end. No problem with legs. Both legs behaved well during run. I thought today's run was a miracle considering that my both legs particularly my right leg has been acting up almost everyday for the past few months. Last month, I struggled to walk for almost three weeks due to leg injury that I got from being morbid obese in the past. I was not able to climb stairs and was not able to bend my left knee.

I'm very happy and proud with my achievement today. From someone who used to be morbid obese - 165kg who had difficulties to walk even for 5 minutes to who I am today. I feel awesome! Nothing is impossible.

[Image: Marathon_zpsweggdncl.jpg]

That's awesome [MENTION=21041]Jay[/MENTION]

Running 10k is a long distance to run nonstop and be able to do that in 69 minutes...not mentioning your leg injury. Congrats to you and keep on running! Smile
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[Image: 848398.png]
Good for you.
Great job, [MENTION=21041]Jay[/MENTION]! You have an amazing amount of self motivation.
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But did you hatch an egg though???
I'm always proud of your accomplishments Jay.

Keep up the good work ..
Keep us posted.

Giant Hug.
I love the fat that you have not settled on past achievements = look at you go on this 10k Smile
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