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Comunity poem?
I was thinking we should do a ongoing poem together, everyone on here contributing a line, verse, or whatever they want... anyone like that Idea?
if so, continue Off of this (And this is meant to be funny, for a good laugh, nothing really serious, just something to make people have a better day
I repeat, TOTALLY POINTLESS Poem to make people laugh)

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Purple"] There was a man in a zoo,
His wife and son where there too [/COLOR][/SIZE]
There was a man in a zoo,
His wife and son where there too
They swung through the trees
But the momma caught fleas
And shouted, "Oh what will I do?"
They were all fans of the Flintstones,
Barney, Fred and the Great Gazoo
Amongst many animated drones,
Including the Animal Crackers famous Gnu.
Then Joey walked in,
And said with a grin,
Mr. Gnu, tell me
How do you do?
Joey!. My have you grown!
Exclaimed the wise Mr. Gnu.
Soon you will want to roam,
As one with the other kangaroo.
Joey cried 'What am I to do?
For my plans will unravel,
It is the Tardis and Dr. Who,
whom I want on my travels.
No! I don't want to roam~!
Cuz the zoo is my home,
I'm inn love with the cute kangaroo...
(Lol, did you just play with my name XD and Dr. Who is awesome)
Suddenly, by surprise,
When with the new lion, did rise
A grand galloping heard of Pinkie Pies
(I'll wait to see who gets that reference Tongue)
And these are no phonies
They're real live Earth Ponies,
*Pinkie Pies*
With the stars in their eyes...

(Dude I got a kid, of course I get the reference...)
( I know more than a few children that HATE MLP... they are FOOLS!)
then Along came Rareity (STILL can't figure out how her name is spelled :/)
with spike alongside,
Her main sparkled,
And she was full of pride

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