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Con merchants
Hi All,
Yep ive named this thread con merchants because ive just seen something on Youtube that my boyfriend found who is a guy that stole 10,000 from my landlord through memorising numbers and card details.. Thought i would pre warn all those who view this that if you happen to bump into someone calling themselves Daniel Hinder be careful of him guys.. Claims his parents are both rich and whatnot when this is nothing more than a fantasy.. He buys yearly train tickets and tactics his next move by playing simulators of trains which are based on reality so he can do his journey on a computer rather than in reality..
He tricked both my landlord and my boyfriend into this scam which luckily only cost me and my boyfriend (18 - 36 hours of our time and a tank of petrol + £20 + a parking ticket) as he went to liverpool from Brighton with my partner and ditched my partner up there not allowing him into the hotel apartment in liverpool hollen road (or something like that) He tends to use various stories about his wealth and states his mother and father take him to that thing the queen and royal family people go to.. Which i cannot remember the bloody title of lmao...
If ya wondering why it cost me so little yet my landlord so much it was purely because the moment people start flashing money around and saying that my little Fiat Punto P reg is a heap of shite and (should be replaced) I tend to not beleive them or even if you flash money around i still wont beleive ya.. However it is what fooled my landlord and his riches come from taking from other people but he plans his stunts and disappears before it is too late to be recongised..
Now this guy mainly travels all over the United Kingdom and has haunts in liverpool and london mainly as i am on the look out if he returns to Brighton.. He has a massive phobia and that is the police.. If you happen to bump into a Daniel hinder who u can find a great image of on youtube being a complete twat so called practising for a chairty thing in switzerland..

Well here are the images guys

Kindest regards

Zeon x

- God this one makes me want to just twat him its such a false tone his using and this is what he used when he scammed a room for rent for 4 months whilst planning his next move..

Jus be on your guard people thought id share this to try and stop him from scamming people

We googgled Dan's name and found your comments! He conned us last year, befriended us and wormed his way into our life for just over a week with his tales of stardom and some dodgy singing and piano playing, before leaving without paying and taking some of our belongings! We were horrified when we went to the police and it turned out he was wanted by various counties across the country!
We have today heard the news that he has gone to prison for 19 months you may be pleased to hear. He was caught in Gloucestershire doing the same thing so its in the Gloucester Echo and something on internet in the Belfast post.
I wanted to put something on the internet to warn gay men about this dodgy character (to say the least) but am not very technical minded so we are glad you have!


He's in Ireland at the moment and conned me in 2008. Still paying a loan off to Bank of Ireland. The debt amounted to 30,000 Euro.

Theres a website here in Cork called

I posted a thread there on him.

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