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Congestion Pricing
New York is considering congestion pricing - a surcharge on anyone driving in certain areas of the city to reduce traffic. I know London already has this plan in effect - What are your opinions of the plan?
they are talking about the same thing in mass.. personally i dont drive and i dont wanna so this is just another benefit on my end.. their defense is that since its not a right to drive, but a privelage, u should have to pay for the roads that u use, instead of tax dollars being wasted on the roads.. now if teh money will be used properly, thats yet to be seen
If Ken Livingstone was to get his way... the congestion charge would spread across all of London like a rash.

It has its plus point... congestion HAS reduced by about a quarter as people moved to using public transport.
But it's not like you notice the differences in traffic much. The same old places are still getting the same old queues during rush hours!

But with the £8 (~$16) per day charge, is a bit on the extortionate side. To some people, that's nearly a day's wage per week! On top of that you have the rising petrol costs... topping £1 (~$2) per LITRE!
I see some of it's benefits but really think it's just another way to make money, and don't think it will really make that much difference. The reason the traffic is so bad is because 90% of the streets only handle one lane so I think that it is just a way to make a profit off that fact. And in all actuality the traffic isn't that bad - if you're in the city you have to expect to wait.
Now New Jersey wants to raise their tolls by 45% after doing studies on their bridges after the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. You gotta wonder how many of the "decision makers" know people that do bridge repair!
or how much the state is pocketing cuz they realized they dont need as much, but hey.. its always a possibility that they dont...........
but yeah

i wonder if the cuts are worth it? i wanna join politics
apparently politics is the best profession to make money at!

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