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Coping Methods
Hi everyone,

I thought I would start a thread to discuss coping methods due to the amount of threads I read about people feeling worthless and depressed. Hopefully it could give someone an idea on how to cahnge their life around.

So how do you cope?

I personally like to get into fitness as I like to go for a run by myself to get some alone time, but also have had a decent amount of success joining groups (admittedly mostly sports clubs) where I can socialise more and meet new people which I believe is something that people dont do enough nowadays and is a powerful way to haul yourself out of any low point in your life. I'm sure there are a lot more different ways in which people help themselves!
You're right, Watkins. I also condone joining like-minded groups. And sports activities are good for the body and the mind. So you are right. A good way to fight depression, if you can do the physical stuff. I'm guessing some people just don't have it made that way, though.
Some people cope by overeating, some do drugs, some do drinking? Some do antidepressants... I like to do movies and music... and make love with my partner. That's the greatest anti-depressant and utter feel-good experience. But not everyone has a lover, so.... how do we do it?
Depending on if it's one of those very temporary "today sucks" things or my BPD sending me down (Bi polar - formerly manic-depressive) as to how I cope. bad day, exercise, vent either to a trusted friend or, just type a letter to no one, or in my journal, hot bath, sleep. Things will look better tomorrow.

Now an actual mood swing to depression that has nothing to do with events or circumstances, that's another matter. Sure exercise, journaling, talking with friends and such helps some, but nothing is going to fix it. All I can do, because I choose not to take medications, is recognize it and refuse to allow depression to win, and remember that it will get better in a few months, it isn't forever.
by severely undereating and overexercising ~
although now i'm trying this new thing where i don't do that . i found a good therapist so ... that's helped . i'm still looking for a non-hospital related coping method that isn't terribly unhealthly ...
A lot of things can help, friends to talk with, writing, meditation, MODERATE exercise, healthy diet, having a hobby or two, having pets, aroma therapy, light therapy for some. Yes even professional therapists for some people.
Two things help me cope with stress.
1) Exercise. I get up every morning rain or shine at 6.15am and I walk for 45 minutes........ then when I get home I have breakfast and then I just plan out my day.........

2) Nutrition. I avoid anything with sugar in it and don't eat anything that has "bad" fats due to the fact that I have had Hep C for so many years, I do not want to eat anything that could damage my liver or cause me to have a fatty liver.

I think these two things help me not be so stressed.....
I go into more detail than most people care for here:
-Exercise is definitely #1 natural method to combat depression. It helps in the release of certain chemicals in the brain the keeps us happy - namely dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. There are research done that compare the effect of exercise and anti-depressants and both score very high on positive mood changes. Though this does not mean that anti-depressants should be thrown away, in more serious cases, it's better to stick to it but adding an exercise program will greatly help in recovery.

-Diet is also important. Some people tend to over-eat or under-eat during their depression and it only exacerbate the problem, not making it better. Being physically healthy will give you a lot more strength to endure the emotional stuff so do not neglect a balanced diet even during very very depressive times. It'll help you get better, faster.

-Social activities. I know, no one wants to make the effort to talk to ppl during their worst times but it's really the matter of whom you talk to. Talking to strangers could be helpful but there's a chance that they could say something that will make you feel worse. Close friends and family members are a must here. You must reach out and talk to someone you can trust even that's just one person. If you have no close ones, talk to a professional or join support groups where you can find ppl who undergo similar problems and therefore will understand and share your pain. Don't suffer in silence!

-Distraction: doing activities that takes the focus off of yourself. Volunteer, readings, music, going out for a walk (or a ride on the bicycle), watching movies ( on your own or with friends), travel, etc...Just some ideas, obviously everyone has different interest so do something that interests you and that will help you take away the stress and attention given to unproductive thoughts. I think most people can win the fight against depression. Remember to take one step at a time! :glittering-red-lips
Coping mechanisms are good to have, but it's important to understand what they're meant to do. Depression is a symptom, a manifestation of your emotions that is meant to communicate that there's a problem in your life. You can treat the symptom, but without identifying the problem or root of the depression and addressing it, those feelings don't go away and it becomes increasingly more difficult to cope with them each time they resurface. Having good coping mechanisms will save your life, but you understand yourself and your condition better than anyone. You should know whether or not the depression you're experiencing is temporary or more permanent. Don't settle for learning how to cope with feelings of depression, hopelessness, or worthlessness, because that's just a temporary solution and you're doing nothing more than treating the symptoms to a bigger problem.
With me it's meditation , fitness and spending time with animals.
When I am in the company of my pets it instantly calms my mind .

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