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This is culture.

Does anyone cosplay on here?
Cross cosplay? Ever since I watched a video on a porn site of 2 guys crossdressing as some magical girl, I've had this fantasy of cross cosplaying together with a guy.
Other than that, there was a period where I really wanted to go to events where I could cosplay. Wouldn't do it any other time than at such an event or in bed with another cosplayer hehe.
I cosplay! i was the phantom of the opera early this year. I dont do crossplay (yet) but my drag goals dont involve sex.... Those costumes arent cheap and hard to clean
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
I just happen to resemble a fairly well-known celebrity (who shall remain nameless), so yes, I have cosplayed at a comic-con type event. And It was the most fun.

As for doing it in, no appeal. I ain't got no time for that.
[MENTION=22821]NativeSon[/MENTION]: Rick Deckard? Tongue

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