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Crass Stupidity or Homophobia
It looks like WH Smith has put Gay magazine "under the counter". You have to take a big bright orange laminated placard to the cach desk to exchange it for your Gay magazine. Other "equivalent" lads magazines are not so afflicted.

[Image: AYfcWOXCQAAe7mj.jpg:large]

More info over on TwinkleBoi's Tumblr account:
I'd say that's pretty bad if other equivalent magazines are left out. So we can encourage pre-marital hetero sex and lust, but anything with a gay theme is to dirty to display pubicly? I'd understand if anything that some might consider "adult" was put under, but to single out gay mags reeks of prejudice either on the part of the store owners, or on the part of complaining patrons the owner/manager caved to.
Saying that I noticed in a lot of newsagents have recently been putting FHM and other pictures of semi clad women under the counter too, I think in general people are getting funny about any sexuality these days.
that iis crazy like real crazy
I know we have to place a card over 'adult' type magazines of all types to make our store and magazine rack 'Family Friendly', I don't have a problem with that....BUT i would have a problem if I was told that all Gay related mags had to be covered regardless while a similar type of womens mags are left exposed.
It hasn't reached our local branches yet, but I shall certainly be on the lookout for it. This is one of my pet peeves. I always look to see where gay lifestyle publications are placed. There was a brief period when the King's Lynn WHS put them at floor level. For the last two or three years they've been back on the top shelf, but since they are generally next to some military type publications I haven't made a fuss.

Colin may remember I spent months "training" a local independent newsagent to put GT and Attitude in the "men's lifestyle" section and not amongst the soft porn on the top shelf. The shop's owner admitted he sold more copies when they were placed where I suggested. That didn't mean he ever ordered enough copies for me to be able to buy one if I was a few days late going into the shop. For several months after they were displaying them fairly I used the shop as my first port of call, only going to WH Smith if they had run out. Sadly, I became so frustrated with new shop assistants looking for magazines amongst the porn titles and when they couldn't find them yelling to someone in the back of the shop in front of a long queue of customers I stopped using the shop. It was like being outed every month and some months one just doesn't need it. They could never claim I didn't give them every chance.
They should put all the magazines in a rack by alphabetical order, and not really on display.... like records.... If you know what you're looking for, the title would be easily identifiable.
But of course they're counting on the front page effect.
I think in general people are getting funny about any sexuality these days.

Ya think? :biggrin:

We are going backward so fast....used to be gay people were open minded at least...not so much anymore.
I think most companies do it when the magazines first come in to avoid any complaints. but still, there's an awful lot of scantily clad models on a lot of magazines on the rack. *sigh* it sucks to be gay.

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