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Craziest places you have done it?!?!?!
Any daredevils on here? Where was the most daring, public, and/or romantic place you did something, whether it be HJ, BJ, or other....???:biggrin:
The qld/nsw border car park in Tweed Heads.

Catholic school footy feild just south of Brisbane.

car park under the Pacific Motorway.

On the beach in Fingal Head.
a tent u.u
Kiid Wrote:a tent u.u

Was it like brokeback mountain?
Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble here :tongue:

In the chuck wagon while on one of those dude ranch cattle drives.
In the stand at a Ted Nugent concert.
In my pickup, in the sheriff's office parking lot.
Numerous sand bars in the Little River.
Countless time in my semi, in every truck stop in the country, this or that customer's lot, the company yard, rest areas, and wherever else I could park that beast.
In public BDSM dungeon, 20+ potential onlookers, except they are mostly otherwise occupied as well.
My own backyard, barn, pasture (not likely anyone would see me there anyway.)
In a tree stand (the kind used for hunting)
In a ground blind.
In a tent.

........Um not in a store or, outside on a public street, or public pool or anything totally public, exhibitionism type stuff but, I am pretty adventurous. A lot of that was with long term partners, only two one time deal were the concert and the chuck wagon.
One time when I was bartending and had quite a few customers this smokin hot guy walks in...the dark handsome silent (straight) type....he stands in the corner of the bar and there is a gate that goes down I used to stand between sometimes...

...he gets behind me and I feel him tugging at my shorts and I feel his hand rubbing my ass and he whispers in my ear "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"...and I am watching the guys at the bar and a few of them were looking at me with funny looks on their faces but I understood my strangers "request" and played along...showing the customers everything was cool...

...and then he got right behind me and started whispering in my ear and then lickign it but he had positioned my ass to be slightly to the left and he had a very long and thick cock that stood straight out and he began to f*ck me nice and slow while pretending to just be hugging me and flirting with me.

I was so turned on because I loved that he knew I would do this when I didn't have a clue...I would have said NO if you asked me if I would do it or not...and he f*cked me real good while this one guy was staring me in the eyes and I was doing everything I could to not show anything on my face....what a turn on!

Pretty soon everyone was watching this guy "flirt" with me. I think some of them figured out something was happening but they weren't sure what. They were used to me flirting with guys so having someone hug me or lick my ear wasn't exactly an unusual occurrence...but getting plowed was:biggrin:

God he was hot...and soooooooooooooooooo nasty. He didn't stop there but the next part of the story isn't pertinent to this thread.

FYI....the other thread about straight guys...he was straight.
Well I've done it in cars parked at various locations, park, look out spot etc; cinemas; at a club; in the fire escape stairwell of the office building I used to work at. That was actually pretty hot, he worked on the ground floor level and we would hook up about twice a week for a couple of months. Never got his name though :p
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Ooooh...I just remembered one more that I am really ashamed of because I feel responsible for setting gays back 20 years (but I was 21 and drunk at the time so I guess it is somewhat understandable)

I just started working at this one nightclub and I was 21 and we got this doorman who just got out of the Marines...everyone called him "Grunt"...and he was trying to flirt with me and I was being a bitch about it because I didn't like how arrogant he was. As the night went along he became more arrogant and started telling me how he would be the best thing that ever happened to me...he could make me scream...and cry..and moan...blah blah blah....

So the bar closes and we clean up and he is taunting me the whole time. He is really pissing me off and even though he had a rockin body and was sorta sexy I didn't like him at all....and so we leave the bar and back in those days there were HUGE crowds that stood outside nightclubs talking or cruising for maybe 1-2 hours after closing...

....And I should mention it was Easter Sunday 1978 or 1979 and Midnight Mass at the Catholic Church down the street had just gotten out. I was a little drunk and talking to a group of friends and he butted in and was pleading his case with my friends...telling them to tell me how much fun I would have...and they SOLD ME OUT! GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So I got really obnoxious and told him to pull his pants down and I told him I could make him cum FAST and if I did THEN would he leave me alone????...he agreed....

...and I dont' even like giving BJ but I did and I made him cum in maybe 3-5 minutes and I had a crowd around me hooting and hollering and when he came I turned around to spit it into the gutter....

...and there was a line of cars at the stoplight looking on in horror as I spit out the cum in the gutter while Grandma was looking on:eek:..OH SHIT!...right after Easter Mass....OMG.......

I was half horrified and half hysterical but the next day when I woke up and was sober I was sick to my stomach with shame and I swore to myself I could just move away where nobody knew me and never step foot in that place again...find a new job...blah blah blah...

By 5 PM after cocktails with a friend I realized I didn't care what anyone thought and by 8 PM when I went to work...I was over it.

Oh took me a few more years of being a wild child to realize that I should NEVER drink. And I stopped. I haven't had a drink in 25 + years and this is one of the reasons why.
East, you are a very naughty boy Smile
dfiant Wrote:East, you are a very naughty boy Smile

Ya think?:biggrin:

I was really wild when I was young and I think if I started thinking about it I could fill the next three I will stop here:biggrin:

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