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Craziest thing you ever did STORYTIME! :)
So what was the wildest thing or series of things you have ever did?
I will start this off with a story I think I told once a while back.

Part 1 *the beginning* **starts dull gets good*
So, a while back my boyfriend and I broke up.
I was super depressed, I went to my moms in Savannah so I wouldn't be as lonely.
Finally my depression turned into a bit of resentment/anger and I got a back bone.
One thing I wanted to do was go to a gay bar, always wanted to go to one but my EX made me promise not too, well since I was single it was going to happen!

I waited for one night I was on a particular low and I thought the company and the drinking would do me some good. Looked up a gay club in the city that had long hours of operation and around midnight I headed out.

When I got into the city and found the club I drove round and around it several times trying to get the nerve to park and go in. There was a group of around 10 guys standing outside talking. Well I finally decided I would park somewhere else then walk there (made sense in my mind). So I drove around the city till I found parking in a quiet place.

After that I started walking in the direction of the club meeting maybe 4 people on the way (it was really quiet for a city that big!). I started getting a bit scared thinking some places are dangerous IE gangs and such. It wasn't long after those thoughts crept in a small group of guys was following me (were they following me to follow me or was their destination in line with mine? I dont know!) Anyway I picked up pace and once I got into the lighter and more populous part of the city I noticed they were no longer there.

I had about 1/10 a mile more until I was at the club and then my self confidence started to wain. UGH!
So I started to go back to the truck, walked maybe a dozen yards back to the dark and thought ... fuck it, turned around and went for the club.
the group that was outside previously had dispersed mostly down to about 3. They looked me and stopped talking I nodded in their direction and walked in.

A guy sitting at a table near the entrance walked over to me and requested my ID. Once provided I sat at the closest seat to the door at the bar and watched the bigscreen TV that was faceing me.
I didn't know what to do, what to order, I seen others with bud light so thats what I got.
I acted like I was interested in the TV and sipped my beer. I must have looked like a lost dog, I had some glances and thankfully nobody approached me the bartender stayed at the far side of the bar communicating with a group that was there.
After maybe 15 minutes and another beer the guy who met me at the door requesting my ID sat next to me. And started a conversation. Wanted to know what I was doing there (in Savannah) and such. Then after a bit of light conversation he said I looked sad and needed to smile Smile. I thought he was a good guy and the environment felt infinitely less hostile from then on and I smiled allot.

It turned out he was a member of the Hashing Harriers (more on this later) and wanted me join them as I told him I enjoyed hikes and such. We traded numbers and he said he would invite me to their next meeting. Before leaving for the night I had a conversation with the bartender as well and one customer.

About two days later my new friend sent me a text asking if I would be interested in helping clean the attic of the club *as i had told him I was interested in working while there* (it was three stories, bar in the basement, shows in the middle and storage at the top.

I headed over and spend several hours moving props, throwing out crap organizing the floor space etc. It was actually really fun, the guys that were working were club employees and most all of them were super feminine including cross dressers and everything. It was pretty funny watching them lift sets of chairs and stuff Big Grin. And they all made a point to hound me because I would not take my shirt off (everyone else did). the day went on and I was sweating, the attic had no AC and the city was flipping hot!
So once my shirt was clinging to me I decided to take it off, they probably never seen such a snowflake, all them with tans and crap and me with a farmers tan at best. XD
there was much butt grabbing and whistles for a good 30 minutes (I did put my shirt back on after a little, was too uncomfortable with the stares *im not ripped at all!* some of these guys were models. I think I fit some of their fantasies though because I act straight and I think it was a turn on.

At the end of the day It was payment time I was offered pretty good wage around 20$ an hour for my services but I said just give me a bar tab please to which the owner was happy to do. The rest of the time in Savannah I was treated to free pool/music selection discounted meals and drinks Big Grin. Made friends with most of the employees there as well! Smile they were all pretty awesome, some of the friendliest bunch ive met!

Part 2:
ANYWAY me and the we will call him the greeter stayed in touch and went to see Jurassic world with some of his friends and then we were set to have a hashing harrier event! When we went it was interesting guys and girls all around 20-40 and about 35 of us.
What you do at these events is simple enough, alcohol is purchased by the event holders and donations support the purchases. Beer, ale etc are placed at checkpoints of a trail. Often times the trail is created by being marked with toilet paper or flour. 2 people set out 10 minutes ahead of everyone, these are the hares, everyone else is a hound. The hares mark the trail, the hounds follow. Furthermore at several points there is a trap or event, where everyone must lose articles of clothing or swap with others, chug alcohol or etc.
some people went naked, i had to swap clothes with my partner/leader (noobs have a leader) and well... she was a girl *yes I had a blouse* anyway it was crazy, these people were crazy! Big Grin different songs/chants for all kinds of crap, most are sexual, punishments for rule breaking require you chug alcohol and sit on a block of ice after dropping your pants/undies with a construction helmet that has a dildo attached to the top. yeah it was pretty crazy and im pretty reserved,,, these guys have no reservation haha. At one point they started to toss me into a river (ran down captured and was pulling me off a tree to toss me in the river because I found a better path and remained dry! when they went straight through) Tongue.
anyway there was much drinking, got my eyes pretty full of every body part of male and female anatomy and had my turn bare butt on a block of ice chugging ale!

it was super crazy, definitely the wildest week of my life, before leaving my friend made me go to a drag show at the club, made a public announcement I was a virgin to drag shows and of course the participants made a note to embarrass the shit out of me. I wanted to kill him... looking back though im glad it all happened Smile even sitting my butt on an ice block in the middle of people whom ive never met before!

Oh and that evening ended with me getting lost in the city trying to find the mellow mushroom pizza place!
"When you think all is forsaken,
Listen to me now
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light
" ~Disturbed
First I love The Mellow Mushroom Big Grin

Anyway...hmm the craziest thing I have ever done. Well not quite sure if my gay bar/club experience tops the ranks but I can't think of anything else.

Might have been the time when I was driving the Challenger though SC at 120+ MPH...statistically speaking anyway.

Anyway, my sister and her friends wanted to take me to a gay bar. I guess they thought I needed to go have this experience. There was this place in Wilmington called The Toolbox. Well lesson one is never be the guy that goes to a gay bar with a bunch of girls. I probably would have been better of going alone. It was a small place, very dark and just didn't have a good feel to it. Of course the dancers are straight so this guy did come to our table and knowing they're straight guys kind of ruins it for me and I didn't find them all that attractive to be quite honest. I guess it just wasn't my scene. That and I didn't really get enough alcohol in me to enjoy that sort of thing.

Anyway, next time I go I will either go alone or with a friend. I do feel comfortable with company, just needs to be the right company.

As far the actual craziest thing I have done...well I'll have to think on it. I did want to share my not so great experience at a gay bar. I mean hopefully there are better ones. I don't Wilmington is a big enough city.
Riding a bicycle through the supermarket and doing my shopping selecting items while passing through the aisles
- Public jerking off in discreet locations.
- Peeing on the carpet by the corner at school during lunch.
- Stripping naked in the school's bathroom
- Rubbing my semen all over my face.

Loads n' loads of more., but that's what I can remember at the top of my head.

Idk... I'm kinda kinky and freakish.
When I was 18 I was working for a restaurant with my best female friend who kinda controlled my life. She'd often turn up at my bedroom window at night for long conversations, drive me places to meet her new girlfriend and sync our days off so we could do things together. I think she bought me a mobile phone once so she could ring me at will. Back then I had less self esteem, pretty much did what she said and was a bit of a helpless puppy. On the outside anyway. Inside I was kind of bubbling away... People tended to talk down to me and I was getting more and more frustrated. But on the outside I was shy and a bit timid.

After a while I started secretly dating my boss who was also in an on/off/on/off/on relationship with the cousin of a chef. We'd just drive out after work and kiss and stuff. I think we only had sex once. Eventually I told him it was the other guy or me and he kept stalling and I started to get more frustrated.

One evening I came into work a little early and I was in a good mood. As I came through the front door and I walked through the restaurant a regular customer said "I'm glad you're here Ian, everyone's been walking around with a face like a slapped arse". As I processed this the supervisor I was due to take over the shift from moaned "I've had enough of this place today I'm going home" and slammed the keys down in front of me. Nothing had been prepared for the evening shift and everything was a mess. Anyway I decided to take a breath and just carry on. Then my best friend came in and once she was settled I asked her if we had pre-orders for the big tables that night. She responded "how the fuck do I know?" and stormed off into the kitchen. By now I was kind of fed up of people talking to me like shit and my friend had been particularly controlling for the last month. Anyway a lovely old regular American couple came in so I calmed down a bit and went over to them and had a chat. The gent asked for some pasta dish with a THICK sauce. I put the message through and my friend cooked it, slammed it down on the pass and shouted "can we get some service please" and glared at me. Again I took a breath and took it over to the couple who were always guaranteed to be nice.

However, he looked at his pasta and went into some kind of passionate rage - "I ASKED FOR THICK SAUCE, GET ME A THICK SAUCE AND GET IT NOW!!!".

I still remember going into some kind of mode where everything froze for a couple of seconds and I just completely changed.

I picked up his pasta, stormed over it to my friend who was glaring still at the kitchen pass and for the first time in our relationship I glared back and shouted "make this fucking sauce thick like I told you to the first time" and slammed it on the pass. As she stared at me in some kind of shock, I went downstairs into the office where my manager was and told him I was leaving. He proceeded to talk to me In a condescending, baby-talk kinda voice about how I wasn't really leaving and that I was just being silly and was it because of him and me? I just laughed and said I'd had enough of him, my job an my hometown and I was moving to London the next day. Again he said I was being silly, it would never work out and I'd be back within a week. I told him he might be waiting a while and I picked up my stuff and left.

The next day I took a bag of stuff, said goodbye to my Mum and got on a train. I stayed with a friend who got me a job as a chef (the only chef) in their bar and I stayed there for over a year until I went home (as it was cheaper) to do night school whilst working in finance. I was a bit of a slut that year, sometimes to stay out late on a night out I'd go home with someone just so I didn't have to get the early train home :/

Anyway a few years back home and passing my studies I got a promotion and moved to a bigger city and did a nice office job, 9-5 Monday to Friday. However I didn't know anyone apart from workmates so one day I went alone into the local gay club and asked for a weekend job. I met loads of different people and it was pretty much like a night out, just paid. There I met the love of my life, he was just (cliched) different to the other guys I'd met and I remember the corniest part that still makes me laugh/cringe. We were walking to our homes one night the same way and I told him I was finding it difficult being his friend anymore. He went quiet and looked upset and asked why and I said "because I've fallen for you" (I was a lot younger back then Big Grin). He went quiet and then said "what if I told you I felt the same way?". Anyway we ended up seeing each other and it was intense and the most amazing few weeks APART from the fact he said we couldn't tell anyone as his best friend (who we worked with) fancied him and he didn't want to hurt his feelings. He kept saying he'd tell him but this went on and on.... Anyway by this point in my life my 'frustrated feelings' didn't take so long to boil to the surface so one night before work I decided to play a wild card and I told him we were over. He went quiet (again) and asked why?? I said it was because he was never going to tell his friend and I was fed up of waiting. He went quiet again and said he had planned to tell his friend that night. I said it was a load of bullshit and he never would.

In my head, I had this whole messed up dream that over the next few weeks he'd plead for me back and we'd make up and live happily ever after. Bit obviously I was just emotionally immature and in the end it was me asking him to get back together but he just didn't want to. I then went into a bit of a downward spiral, I got into debt, started drinking a lot, even experimented with drugs a couple of times and started going out even on week nights, spent weekends watching DVDs all day and then ended up with a complete rebound guy (originally to make my ex jealous) who turned out to be my longest relationship at almost two years. I got really ill, quit my job and moved back home.

It was probably the worst year of my life and looking back I can't even believe it was me. I had to start all over again but I rebuilt my life and discovered a whole bunch of weaknesses that I had. I also discovered true friends, and became a less selfish person as I realised how important my friends and family were to me.
MisterLonely Wrote:- Public jerking off in discreet locations.

Loads n' loads of more., but that's what I can remember at the top of my head.

Idk... I'm kinda kinky and freakish.

This one for me too.
The trouble of getting caught fapping in public is not worth it, so I try my hardest not to be caught. But think there has been one or two times females have seen me.
And I know one guy saw me once, heard he walk by my window telling another guy he saw a guy fapping in the window Tongue
Said something about thinking about going down to the window and shout at me, or call the cops Tongue
The time i had to touch the guy i had a crush on at summer camp....

He was hot...... We were all the same age but the short dude really had the looks for his age. It was the last day and i had to have just a creepily touch lol. So at the pool i went and ducked him just to feel up on his arms... >.< It was well worth it tho, Never in my life have i done something as creepy and crazy as that :$
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
SilverBullet - those Hashers are everywhere!

We had them here at the Navy Base but the base commander banned the club from the camp. I think he got tired of their shenanigans and didn't care for their motto which was -

A Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

I think my wildest time was a trip to visit my parents just north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was working and out of the house at this time. My Mom and Step Dad are retired, live in the Chicago suburbs, and snow bird down in Florida at my Step Dad's condo, located on the beach, a couple towns just north of Fort Lauderdale.

This was my 1st and last visit to the condo...
I was in my mid 20's. Flew down there and did the family thing for a couple of days - flea markets, swimming, in the ocean, general hanging out with my folks - was an altogether "good son." Listened to Mom's hour long sermons on whatever some pastor had said last Sunday. Smiled and nodded.

Well started to get some cabin fever and told the folks I was going, into Fort Lauderdale to see what I could see and to not wait up for me. I researched the area and found a couple gay bars nearby and bars in the city that didn't open till late. Drove down there and found the gay bar area.

Forget the name of the bar but it was right on the inter-coastal water way. While most bars open at 11pm this bar was open at noon on a Saturday and had some crazy drink specials. Buy 1 get 5. etc.

I'm a social fella and will talk to anyone about anything (alcohol helps). Got to chatting with the bar owner and various folks at the bar. Turns out they had a cruise on the inter-coastal planned for that day and they invited me along. About 50 or 60 gay guys on a large yacht with an open bar (free drinks). Fun times!

I had a blast and for the most part kept my clothes on. Sure we had the dick measuring contest... 4 or 5 guys standing in a circle showing off our dicks. I won for the longest one... Not sure how that came about. Also got some compliments while standing at the urinal in the boat's bathroom.

At the end the boat ride, I had the choice of going home and spending the night with a cute twink or going back to my parents condo... I did the dutiful son, thing, and went back to the condo. It was after midnight, I stripped down to my boxers and jumped in the ocean for a swim before heading in for good.

Tried to stay quiet getting back into the condo and as you would expect...

"Hi Mom - isn't it a little late for you to be up?"

Needless to say - I still haven't been invited back. My sister on the other hand uses the condo every year.
Use a condom.
Might be boring but I think this new job of mine is totally crazy now. Just a life changer..
[Image: giphy.gif]
way too many and many are probably crimes anyway - and the list would be very long
some stupid things are - setting fire to someone in a pub , jumping a mountain bike over knowing full well it was probably going to end in disaster - I ended up in hospital , many fights with in no specific order - hells angels , druids , rockers/mods , Liverpool gangsters who pulled a gun on me lol - still didn't back down etc etc... Crazy stuff is a way of life but I have never chosen it - I just end up in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people , those titbits are the tip of the iceberg
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"

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