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Creating a password
This is a bit long but worth it.

The interchange went as follows:

"Please create your password below."


"Sorry, too few characters."

pretty roses

"Sorry, you must use at least one numerical character."

1 pretty rose

"Sorry, you cannot use blank spaces."


"Sorry, you must use at least 10 different characters."


"Sorry, you must use at least one upper case character."


"Sorry, you cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively."


"Sorry, you must use no fewer than 20 total characters."


"Sorry, you cannot use punctuation."

1FriggingPrettyRoseShovedWhereTheSunDoesNot ShineIfYouDontGiveMeAccessRightNow

"Sorry, that password is already in use".
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In reality, well not all too much different really. Where I work we use Active Directory and by default yu have to have a minimum of 8 characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, one number or a special character (3 of 4). You cannot use any portion of your username, or contain part of the last 7 passwords. That means you can't just add a number to the password you have, has to be completely different. Passwords also expire every 90 days.

So why would we make it so difficult to set a password? The reason is single sign on. That means one account gets you into many services so there's a lot to keep secured both inside and outside the organization. n addition to password management you have to employee strict safeguards to control access. You wouldn't want to allow access to your payroll system over WAN for instance... It can get pretty complex and larger organizations where you have subdomains and other more complex AD setups....I haven't see anything like that deployed but I'm sure it does exist in larger companies.
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