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Cruisers and Vigilantes
A 47 year old man has narrowly missed being sent to prison for setting up a vigilante group to catch gay men cruising in Lincolnshire. Colin Haw and his more-scary-than-merry men dressed in combats and balaclavas and videoed the action which he then posted on a website, often to the accompaniment of music like YMCA or The Teddy Bears' Picnic. His hobby came unstuck when he filmed a motorcyclist taking a leak and published this to his website.

(more details)

Haw misguidedly considered himself to be acting in the public interest, but he failed to take into account that by taking videos of people engaged in "private acts" he was actually breaking the law himself. That he went after men having sex with other men and did not pursue heterosexual couples at dogging sites substantiated accusations of homophobic bullying. Under the circumstances I am reluctant to suggest that Mr Haw should get out more, but wouldn't he be better advised to pursue a more fulfilling hobby?

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