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Cute boys
Just like what the "nice butt" thread became, share some pics of CUTE boys.

I once saw a very cute boy come out of a car near where my dad works, and I was so mezmerised by him. Stood there watching him until I couldn't see him anymore.
Shame I wasn't confident back then, not very confident atm either, but I'd probably tell someone they're cute if they were talking to me now.

And I watched a video on the Pranks Network yeasterday, where a guy (straight) was asking guys who looked like they were a couple with a girl if he could get the guys' number.
Some gave him the number.
There was one guy who was so cute and nervous when the guy called him cute and asked for his number. Turned out the asian girl friend wasn't his girlfriend. that guy.
That videos horrible why would he do that.

Just go flatter some cute thing ask for his number, then whoops totally kidding yo! I'm straight.

That's just mean.
OK @Ibex, but I would caution everyone posting these 'cute boys' to beware of posting anyone younger than 18 if unclothed... and it would have to be in the public domain. Right to image and age propriety issues.

[Image: MV5BMWMyYTVmOTUtMzg0OS00ZjNiLWFlN2QtMTgy...00_AL_.jpg] [Image: MV5BMjExMzcyMzE3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTE5...@._V1_.jpg]

Death in Venice springs to mind.

Björn Andresen :
[Image: 9825634_orig.gif]
Tadzio morphed.

This about epitomises the relationship between the older writer and the young inaccessible beauty of youth. A condensed version if you can't be bothered with this beautiful but long Visconti film.

There is also this, don't be bothered by the beginning of this interview in French which asks people what has become of the actor Björn Andresen after the film and most people seem to think he's died. Mythical.

[Image: Sam-Harwood-The-Model-Wall-FTAPE-02.jpg]
[MENTION=1766]princealbertofb[/MENTION] It's not my responsibility what you guys post in here, that's all on the poster.
I did a google search on the title, and it was mostly kids showing up Tongue
I should've titled it "cute guys" instead, most where above 18 there.
Boys can be boys until they're men so I guess that's ok, [MENTION=24036]Ibex[/MENTION]. I just thought I'd give a note of caution, since there could be some confusion as to what you'd like to see. I understand you mean young men. Say, 18-24?
Twinks would probably be the appropriate thread title.
Use a condom.

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