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Dad's love
My dad and I are getting closer and bonding better. Confusedmile: Thanks everyone. He told me he loved me last night! It felt so good.
Gay is happiness
That's really great, I'm so happy for you! Smile
he know your gay
No, I haven't told him. I think he secretly knows though. It's hard not to tell lol.
Gay is happiness
Maybe he's seen that you have this avatar?
[Image: avatar16506_2.gif]
Very happy that you are making progress with your father Jis Bighug
Well he doesn't know I have a gayspeak account, princealbertofb, but that made me laugh so hard to read that! :biggrin: Haha! Anyway, I'm just happy things are getting better for us now and that I know he loves me.
Gay is happiness

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