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Darren Hayes' husband
i just wanted to post this: but Darren Hayes' husband is soo attractive, could anyone give out his name? Elkgrin

[Image: 214279-210cc714-edcf-11e2-af7f-ad8cecfd760b.jpg]

[Image: b0ffp690.gif]

[Image: HayesAndCullen.jpg]

[Image: a34919a4481f6c88adac865db707f8f6.jpg]
kinda looks like someone here on the forums .. hehe guess who ... =D
I don't even know which one is the husband and which one is Darren Hayes. Oops lol
An Internet search said Richard Cullen, [MENTION=23556]knickerbuck[/MENTION], whom he married in 2013.
[Image: 02dfc4e208ab759cea7aa8cbc027ce09.jpg]
Richard Cullen is the one with the glasses on the right, @Cridders88
yeah .. the smart looking guy with the glasses .. he'a a lawyer btw .. so fuckin hot ..

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