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Date or Hate
This is easy, assume the person above you is of the right gender and orientation for you to date and that you know nothing of them except what they post in this thread.

Based only on what they post here, decide if you would date or hate to date the person above you then, post something about yourself. (can be anything except gender or sexual orientation.)

So, I'll start.

I have long hair.

Would you date me or hate to date me?

I prefer the company of animals to people.

Date or hate?
Definitely date.

I can be summed up in one word - BAM. (That's Books, Art, and Music)

Date or hate?
definitely date ~

i (usually) prefer quiet evenings at home to crazy nights out ~

date or hate ??

I can keep secrets.

Hate or date

I hate going to the movie theater.

Date or hate?
date , but maybe resent slightly after a while ~

i'm a vegan

date or hate ?
As long as you don't force me to give up meat myself, I'd date you.

I have no sense of fashion...

Hate or date.
Date - I can get you dressed decently and I could care less at home except what is worn in my bed.

I collect firearms.
Date nothing wrong with security.

I make my own fashion.

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