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Date or Hate
Date that is why one has headphones .

I will not kiss anyone until I brush my teeth. ( which I brush about 4 times a day)
DATE ^_____^

i'm a huuuuge germophobe ~
hate or date ?
date Big Grin so am I.

I secretly love hiking and mountain biking.
date , but i'm pretty weak and kitteny so i probably wouldn't come with you , hahah

i hate food
date or hate
Hate >:-( I cook way too much xD

I love horror literature/films/video games of all sorts.

Also this is like the second time someone's answered not date o_o and the first time the word hate wasn't even used xD
Now I feel cruel. -_- but seriously I have to be with a person who will eat EVERYTHING with me.
Date so do I.

I am a witch.
Date - as long as you are a good one. Smile

I prefer to cook over going out to eat.

Date or Hate?
date - i love guns my family owns about 26 between 5 of us.
i have scars all over from skating but refuse to give it up
Date Big Grin I like determination.

When I get frustrated I yell in Shanghainese.
date . when i get frustrated i yell in japanese lol ~

i spend too much money on clothes
date or hate ?

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