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Dating Twins
I was just thinking about my first dating experience during high school and thought someone might get a kick of out it. I normally don't think about that time in my life much, so when I remembered this story I was like, wow I can't believe that happened to me.

So, I went to a Catholic boys high school. It wasn't the environment where you'd find other guys to date. I resorted to finding other guys online, which didn't work out too well. I was either too picky and didn't give them a chance or they weren't drawn into my then reclusive self. However, I managed to meet a few guys over the years in HS, never more than once. I always have had a thing for blondes, so one day I found this cute guy my age not too far away. We began to chat, any mental flags that we might not get along were wiped away by his charming good looks. So eventually we agreed to meet.

He came over to my place and we watched a movie. I don't know if that was his or my idea. In retrospect it was pretty lame and a trip to the mall would have been more fun. In reality, I didn't have the social capacity at the time to pull that off so a movie at home it was. Luckily I had my own spare bedroom turned into an office we hug out in privately. My mom, being the nosey parent all teens love to hate, occasionally crashed our fun.

No, we didn't do anything. Wink Sadly, it was a rather borring experience occasionally bordering pathetic. At one point I began showing him architecture books lol. Looking back I really wonder why I didn't propose making out a bit. I was such a horny teen, surly I would have enjoyed that Smile

Anyways, the evening ended and he went home. We talked online a few more times, he basically said we didn't get along and that was it. The friendship disolved. Now, onto his twin, the whole reason most of you are probably reading this.

Not too longer after I began talking to his brother. Although I didn't realize it at first, he didn't share his last name and had a different enough hair style that I didn't realize they were twins. Unlike his brother, the first time I met him went better, marginally. We decided to go to a movie this time. It was my first real date, to this day one of the very few I've had (thats what happens when you get into an LTR very young).

So I get into the car with his friends who are driving us to the movie. I don't know what to say. They begin talking about his brother and in conversation they start questioning if he is gay. I want to burst out laughing but I keep to myself, how ironic both brothers are gay! I thought to myself, OMG how could I not see they were related! The whole date was a bit of a disaster, we went to Panera Bread where I didn't eat anything and at the movie I put my arm around him until it went numb. The same thing happend in the days following, we really wen't compatible and stopped talking.

I'm sure at some point they came out to each other and the funny story about the awkward nerdy guy they both saw once came out. It's funny to look back at this life experience, one that seems impossible to have ever occurred.
It is funny to look back. My favorite was how I met my last partner. We were both truck drivers, he drove for another company based in the same city my company was based in so, we'd chatted a few times at the truck stop in that city but, just casual trucker conversation of horrible customers, the last speed trap we saw, the last time we were pulled in at a scale house, not getting enough miles, the ever high cost of diesel, etc...

Finally his company went bankrupt and, he was without a job. He was moping in the truck stop a few days later when I got there and, of course told me what happened. I offered to call my boss and see if my company needed him. He agreed so, I made the call. the owner of my company was willing to hire him, but we didn't have an empty truck to put him in and, he didn't own a truck.

Being the nice guy I am, I told him he could run team with me until we got a truck for him. He agreed and the next day did all of the paperwork to get hired on as my co-driver. I hadn't really thought it through, until we actually hit the road together, then it dawned on me I had a straight guy living 24/7 in my truck, my sex life was over.

Well, I wasn't having that, so only one thing to do, inform him that I was gay and hope he didn't want a bus ticket home immediately since there aren't a lot of bus stations between Abaline and El Paso, which is where we were when I decided I was going to tell him. So, I came out and said "Oh, by the way when we are laid over for a day or more, one of us is going to have to get a hotel room and, I'd rather that be you since I would like to hire a commercial buffalo once in a while." (Trucker slang for a gay man for hire in a truck stop.)

He laughed and replied "You mean I've been getting us separate shower when we could have hooked up a week ago?" We both laughed, I pulled the rig into the next rest area and, that was that. Never did get him a truck of his own.

Now, I've got diabetes and cant drive, we split a few months ago, after nine years together in that old truck. You never know who you might find where Smile
lol, I was thinking of a more X-rated story but that was cute and funny:biggrin:. *sigh* I can't wait till I get a story to tell.

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