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Dating longer
Okay, so i've noticed a trend. Correct me if I'm wrong but is it true that gay men, before coming out of the closet, date women longer than normal men their age? I don't know if this is just a teenager thing but I actually see it a lot. It even happened with me before I came out. Just a topic to throw out there.
I don't think so.

I think everybody is different.

Some guys never date women. And some guys are married for 20 years before they come out.

Just depends.
Hello there,
I think it depends on the culture of where you are in the world... My case for example i had a girlfriend at 13 til 14 and by 17 id admitted i was gay.. I have been in a gay relationship for six years... I know my partner however has romany decendants and is a catholtic and he went as far as producing a child for ffear of rejection however when he came out it wasnt that bad for him

Kindest regards

zeon x
I guess that makes sense. I live in canada and coming out was pretty simple. I had a girlfriend for 4 months while I was 15 and at 16 I kind of liked this girl but it felt awkward. So I just told her I didn't want to do anything. After that I looked at myself and figued things out. I came out in July of 2011. Never looked back since. Thanks for the comments. Smile
The truth is every one is different, even so a gay man coming out of the closet and then dates a woman for a long time you would have to ask is he really out of his closet at all???
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