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Davis Street Angel
This is a poem my dad wrote about a homeless man who lives under a bridge at the street corner of Davis and Luke 12
Davis Street Angel

It was just the other day, like any other day,
There, on he side of the road, as I was on my way;
I met a man, an older gentleman, standing out in the rain.
On his weathered face he wore a smile, but his eyes revealed his pain.

Since that day, on many days, he’s been a piece of my time,
Standing there alone, rain or shine, holding his simple sign;
Please help me, homeless and hungry, thank you and God bless,
I’ve helped him many times, cash, conversation, and friendship, this I must confess;

His hair is unkempt, ragged beard, dirty clothes and hands;
That gentle smile, with a peace all about him, still there he stands.
He always asks about my family, all of them he has met;
I asked him about home, it’s under that bridge, he says with regret.

I think this is someone’s father, somehow forgotten or lost;
Choices we make in this world, we always pay the cost.
It hurts my heart to see him, I always help him when I can;
One day I had no money, I said God bless you, and I shook his hand.

He held on with both hands, while tears rolled from his eyes,
That means more than any cash from anyone, he said to my surprise.
He said you never give from your pocket, always from your heart;
Your gesture makes me feel human, your kindness is a lost art.

Don’t know how he got there, to judge, well it’s not my place;
He’s a man, a brother in Christ, a part of the human race.
When good fortune befriends you, to pass it on would be wise,
You never know, that person in ragged clothes and homeless, just may be an Angel in disguise.

Love is love, no matter the gender :heartline:

You true colors are beautiful like a rainbow - Cyndi Lauper

Everywhere we go
We're looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old
We're always on the run
They say we'll rot in hell
But i dont think we will
They've branded us enough
Outlaws of Love

~Adam Lambert~
Wow - that's beautiful. Cry

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