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Days are passing by fast?
Hi Guys Smile

Do you feel like the days are passing by very fast?

It was like I only celebrated New Year's Day 2021 a few weeks ago. I still remember watching the virtual concert performance for New Years Day like it was only a few days ago.

And it's already end of Aug and only around 4 more months to 2022!

But one thing is that I'm happy that 2020 passed by quickly. It was a really horrible year for me.
I am definitely feeling the same Roger, though I find the perception of the passing of time is inconsistent. I thought June and July passed normally, but August has literally flown by. I do find if I think about a larger period of time the time feels like it has passed by normally, but if I think about a period of time less than a month then it seems to have flown. Time is a puzzling thing.

I think we are all glad to leave 2020 behind. It was a bad year for me too (not just pandemic related) though 2020's struggles have led me and my partner to be in a much better place in 2021.
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@soulfulriver You always hear the old folks talk about how quickly it all goes by. I think we see it go by faster by the monotony that we typically see in our adult lives, I think that is one reason. The other being how our memories tend to work and recall, and it seems that memories were not all that long ago. Then again, there is also the saying that time flies when you're having fun too.
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Had a discussion with colleagues on this subject before.

We concluded that it is because we as adults are so occupied with work, chores etc. thus time seems to pass by really fast. Meanwhile kids think the opposite.
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2020 seemed like a decade to me. Bad news every day and stuff getting persistently worse. No time to digest anything. The only time that passed quickly were March an April when I was recovering from heart surgery.

One reason time seems to fly when you’re older is that due to monotony you’re making fewer memories and in hindsight nothing seems to have happened and time flew.

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I read a theory about how life seems faster as we get older.

For instance;

1 year at 1 year old is 100% of your life on the planet.
1 year at 10 years old is 10% of your life on the planet.
1 year at 20 years old is 5% of your life on the planet.
1 year at 50 years old is 2% of your life on the planet.

As you get older your brain perceives time differently based on the time we've spent on the planet if that makes sense, as our measurements of time change. I find it interesting but not sure if I truly believe it.

I agree with Jay, and it's sad in a way. We look forward to events and due to that we mostly sit wishing our lives away. Waiting for that potential special moment. But the moments don't come that often and we really need to learn to appreciate everyday individually.
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