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Deadly Bieber Fever?
While she doesn't care if Bieber is kidnapped and enslaved, she does think of the homeless on Christmas. I guess that means she's nice until she gets to love you...and if you don't have anything she'll think of you, but gods help you if you got something she wants.

Quote:A 13-year-old British girl shocked her mother by asking Santa Claus for a bunch of presents — including "the real-life Justin Bieber" — and threatening to kill Santa if he refuses to deliver.

Metro UK reported this week that the girl, Mekeeda Austin, who lives in Brickhill in Bedford, also threatened to "hunt down" Santa's reindeer so she could "cook them and serve their meat to homeless people on Xmas day."

Gods, I wish I could've been there.

I should be Scared

But for some reason I'm Rofl

ETA: Hey, just how many 13-year-olds still ask Santa for stuff? Do they sit in Santa's lap, too? Rolleyes
Quote:ETA: Hey, just how many 13-year-olds still ask Santa for stuff? Do they sit in Santa's lap, too?Rolleyes
I doubt Santa was her first option.
This is probably after praying to every known god, a few unknown ones, and a few satanic rituals too.:tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
It's kind of funny but also just makes me mad that her parents are so indifferent that they allow this kind of behavior. I guess I'm just old fashioned but if I had done that as a kid I'd have gotten my ass kicked.
The article went on to quote the girl stating she was mostly joking. If I were her parent(s) I would take this seriously as children younger than her have been known to try to commit homicide. Funny how companies market Justin Bieber and other "teen dream" kids the way they do.
While a lot of this has to do with personally responsibility, I read of other kids having meltdowns over this guy and there has been violence at his concerts too. :frown:
the child is a mini version of the republican presidential candidates now running in the US
holy shit!!!!!!!!:eek: thats crazy as hell!!
Aren't you guys over-reacting.

It sounds to me as if the the girl tried (and failed) to make a joke.
I don't blame the child.
The fat man still owes me for 27 years of presents with his name on them.
The man fails to deliver. J/K :biggrin:

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