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Debts and baliffs
Hi All,
Does anyone in the UK know how to contact an angency about this issue??? What it is is im getting letters to my propery for the sum of money ranging from £500 - £8000 at times for a Miss C hawkins who lived here before me... These are debts for gas water electric loans etc etc and im wondering whether she is using my address still despite being evicted just before we bought the flat in september 2010... I phoned up a debt company today and told them she doesnt live here and they asked me how i can be certain and i simply said.... She a black bird im a white guy shes with a black man and im with a white man get the picture???? Last thing i want is a load of baliffs turning up summonning my property to court over a debt which it hasnt got... They keep asking me if i know where she has gone and when i tell them she aint here and i dont know as her husband was a drug dealer and a strange person as ive been told by locals another company obtains the debt and the ball starts all over again and im thinking to myself what the hell is going on ive already discussed this... This perticular debt is one that was sold from BT (telephone company) to a private firm and i dont want anymore of these coming this way... Now i know its illegal to open other mail but unless i open it i cannot notify them as writing return to sender doesnt seem to work....

Any advice on getting shit of this issue?

Kindest regards

zeon x
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Hi Zeon,

For a start don't telephone these people, there will be no evidence that you ever contacted them, instead send a letter by 'signed for post' to the relevant department so they cannot deny you contacted the companies involved that are bothering you with those debt requests. State clearly who you are, when you moved into the property, and ask them to confirm that they have received your letter. Do not ignore the letters requesting debt clearance. Remember, remember everything in writing never by phone..
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You need to start doing is refuse her mail (and his if mail comes in their name).

Simply write on the envelope Return to Sender/This person not at this address post it/mail it. You do not need to put fresh postage on it. The postage is due by those who it is being sent back to. If there is any postage due.

I do not know about UK Law, but in the US it is illegal to open up another person's mail unless you have their permission. It is a federal offense.

If this is the case in the UK, stop opening her mail.

It may take a few return to sender envelopes for them to get the message.

Almac is correct, a telephone call is useless. Letters, signed, sealed and 'certified' delivered (where they have to sign acknowledging receipt of the letter) is the only way to go. Make certain to make copies.

In today's world you still find under a signature:

cc: file/lawyer/company name (that you sent the letter too)

The cc: means 'copy' and signals the reader that there are copies of this letter floating around. Their knowing you have copies and having a copy sent to say a solicitor in this case will immediately get that paper sent to their own attorney/solicitor. is the correct way to formulate your letters.

Do enclose xerox copies of the bills. KEEP the originals. Those should have dates on them.

You do not need to tell them she is black and you are white, that she has a husband in jail, or that you are gay. This erroneous data is useless.

Something along the lines of:

Dear Sirs,

As of September of 2010 I/we (include your partner's name) purchased this flat, I/we am/are the sole owners of this property. We also have utilities in our own name.

We do not know the whereabouts of Miss C Hawkins. We have been told by neighbors (Realtor?) that she did once live here. We are not in contact with her, never have been and never will be.

Previous telephone communication has been less than helpful with your company. Please stop sending us these bills as we are not responsible for Miss C Hawkins.


(Your Name)

cc: file, company name, blah.

Short and sweet and to the point.

If they send you a reply, keep it and respond if need be. If there is questions or you suspect something 'bad' is coming, get a civil lawyer (Solicitor) and ask him/her about how the laws work specifically in your area. I know in the states you can get 'free' legal advice or a general point in the right direction (a consultation) through many offices.

Failing that we have 'law libraries' usually in the town/city proper or if you are in the county and not in a incorporated town then at the county seat. Most of the librarians are working on their law degree(s) and are usually more than willing to help you out for free.
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