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Decided I'd like to try it
I'm a 32 year old man who has been curious about having sex with a man since I was maybe 14? I Well, I am looking for some advice on what I should do to get ready? Also, what would be your advice on finding place for a fairly safe first experience? I am not looking to shout anything out from the rooftops yet, this is only a test drive. However, I'm not hugely into trying somthing like grinder.
I find it hard to answer this, because it's as though you're asking for a hook-up but you want it to be sort of a not-too-hook-uppy hook-up.

Are you looking for a date? A relationship? Or a hook-up?
I like how you're inquiring about your first gay sexual intercourse experience the same way I ask the girl who works at Sears which shirt makes me look less fat.
Don't be mean.
I'm not sure what you mean by "get ready"? Ready for what - oral? anal? I'm not trying to be a jerk about this, but you honestly make it sound like you want to get...serviced...check the oil, rotate the tires and suck my dick...
If all you want is an isolated sexual act, you could always hire an escort. Or, IDK, pick up a guy at a gay bar.
I just honestly don't get any sense of what you really are looking for here.
you can try to rent one on rentboy,com
Jacqui Wrote:you can try to rent one on rentboy,com

OMG, it's real!! I thought you were joking but no...rentboy exists lol -

You do come up with interesting websites lol -
I'm just here to watch...

If you are a 32 year old man, why does your profile say 34?


You live in're telling me you can't find a dude to mess around with?
Have you tried any friends? Craigslist?

Unless by "prepare" you are asking what to do about preparing for anal, there is nothing you really need to do other than take a shower, brush your teeth and dress yourself.

Now, are you asking what to expect with your first time?
By first time, referring to anal again?

You don't have to bang away in the ass the first time you mess around with a dude.
What is it that you have wanted to do since 14? suck? jack? kiss? fondle? explore? rim? anal? be tied up blind-folded and whipped while gagged and anally probed with a giant double headed dildo?


Welcome to GS btw.
You could try Sex on the beach? Wink

[Image: Go_4d4ba7_1340342.jpg]
You have to decide what you want, I hook-up, date,, relationship ? Then proceed.

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