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Depression & Sex Drive?
I've heard multiple people complain about depression meds taking away their sex drive or making it impossible to orgasm.

But I thought a person in the grips of crippling depression to require medical intervention wouldn't be able to have sex anyway, or at least not enjoy it, as they have no interest in anything anyway, and who can get turned on when in despair? (I can see trying sex to escape it, but that's not how the complaints go, the point to them is for its own sake or to orgasm, not to escape depression or even fulfill some obligation.)

Also, if the meds help the brain negate depression, then why aren't they ok with this? I know when I tried E (which a medical student explained to me works very similar to E, including in why it makes it difficult at best to orgasm) I was fine without the ability to orgasm, I was perfectly happy being affectionate and enjoying it too much to care.

Can someone explain to me how this works? :confused:
I think it really depends on the individual. I know for me, because of the way I attach in relationships, sex is a big part of the intimacy, that connection I need. Even depressed, especially depressed I nee to feel that to know my partner is really there for me.

I guess it's hard to explain if you aren't one of those people that needs the physical "oneness" to really feel the emotional, but meds that ruin my libido just result in more depression and a feeling of being disconnected with my partner.
Many who are depressed get temporary relief from/through sex. Sex does release a chemical, endorphins I think, which can produce a better mood for a short period of time.

And the loss of sex drive or ability is not a good thing, such a loss plays huge tricks on the brain....

Especially in men who are men because of their penis - anything happens to a man's penis and things get very bad.

All a woman has to do to destroy a man is point between his legs and chuckle....Wink

Now imagine losing ability to get it up..... Terrible, terrible thing.
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Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Sex does release a chemical, endorphins I think, which can produce a better mood for a short period of time.

Yes it does, in fact it is possible to get a person so high on endorphins, just from sexual stimulation and pleasure that they actually loose themselves. They start interpreting even severe pain as pleasure and, wanting to keep going even if doing so would cause them harm.

Afterwards, they need a partner that knows how to bring them down slowly and safely, or it can be a nasty crash.

I call that experience subspace, it's amazing with a partner that knows how to do it, and, most importantly, knows proper aftercare is a MUST.

Even the small taste of that high we all experience isn't something we'd willingly loose over medications, especially.

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