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Diablo 2
Albeit it's an old compy game, I can't get over how fun it is. Especially with the expansion, you never know what new item you'll get next! I love this old-time RPG (it does have MMO, but it's not all that great, and can be kinda confusing) and recommend anyone with a computer to try it.

It's made by Blizzard Entertainment (the same guys who bring Warcraft and Starcraft), and is (in my humble oppinion) the best of their products. While I am a complete WoW addict, I still can't get over the charm and dark comedy (not to mention a few sexy characters) of this wonderful game.

The game (as I've said many many times) is fairly old, so I believe a battlechest (which has the first Diablo, Diablo 2, and the expansion... along with a player's guide =D) costs about $50-60 and is probably the best deal on teh game. Albeit I don't really recommend the fist Diablo (it lacked structure), Diablo 2 is a blast, and the Expansion just kicks it up a notch.

Now, I could bore you all with more details about how much I know about this game (yes, I'm a complete nerd...) I'll refrain and just say "try it for yourself". If ya don't like it... well... I don't have much to lose save for scraps of sanity and my life... I'll just be amazed.
WHEN will they ever bring out DIABLO 3!!! I'm dying over here Sad
I've actually done a full FAQ and Walkthrough for Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction if anybody is at all interested ...

I did it for under my handle there - Mister Sinister.

There's the list of FAQs I've done.

I LOVED Diablo, I LOVED Hellfire and I LOVED Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction Expansion Pack.

If you guys like the Diablo games, you might well enjoy playing Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne - those games are AMAZING.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Personal Wrote:WHEN will they ever bring out DIABLO 3!!! I'm dying over here Sad

Diablo 3 has now been announced !! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I have played Diablo 2 before at my old best friend's house. I must say, I'm sadly not into it as much as the first one. After playing it, I didn't immediately go buy a copy for myself. I dunno why. It's out for the Mac and I was thinking of getting it at some point.
I loved this game when I was younger, but now I just play WoW. Although, I'm actually thinking about try playing Diablo 2 again.
I should give Diablo 2 a chance. I saw it at the Apple Store a few times. I'm not too sure if it's there anymore. Diablo 3 is out... right? Hmm yeah, I might try Diablo 3 out then. I'd like to try a demo of it at least.

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