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Don't know why there isn't an Africa section here.Anyways two Spaniard males were arrested in Gambib for making "homosexual prepositions" to a taxi driver.The couple wanted to be taken somewhere where they'd meet other gay guys.The couple was released yesterday and are in Dakar,Senegal now.This is so disappointing.Although we're on the same continent and yet we have totally different outlooks.So sad.
So basically they just asked to be driven to like gay clubs or something?

That's ridiculous! How long were they detained for?!
I gather that.They were held for the weekend.I don't even want to think about the horrible conditions in their cells.It's a shame.Their arrest comes after the president declared that all gay people would be decapitated or thrown in jail.Lets just be grateful that we live in such democratic countries.
I'm sorry but that just makes me speechless!
Would that be homosexual prOpositions in GambiA, dear Dan???

prepositions are words like: TO, FROM, AT, WITH, IN, ON, UP, DOWN etc...
My dearest is you're friend.........
boy_toy_08 Wrote:My dearest is you're friend.........

surely you mean YOUR friend??? Wink
but you're right (almost typed, you're tight, lol. Now how would I know that?) I didn't realise that gambib was even a word.
Yeah well Google is OUR friend! lol

Well let's go to gambib via a visit to dan!

PS. I AM tight!
My word!Robbie and I seriously need to go for English classes!Does anybody know of an English professor that might tutor us?
boy_toy_08 Wrote:Yeah well Google is OUR friend! lol

Well let's go to gambib via a visit to dan!

PS. I AM tight!

I don't think we want to go to Gambib or Gambia, we would not be welcome there, as stated in the original post... What do you think, Dan??? Let's just go to Dan's direct!!!! Flight to Cape Town boarding now!!Laugh1

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