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Disturbed by genetalia
I don't know how long it has been going on, maybe since the day I was born, but I have this weird problem with getting disturbed by real genetalia. Animals and the fictional kind doesn't count, I rarely have problems there. Smile

But I'm worried that it will ruin my future, if I ever got a partner I could trust with my life.
It feels like I'm forced to wear a blinder, since vision is the only problem from what I know of. I probably wouldn't mind being blind, but I don't think it is healthy to let the problem be. :frown:

When I told my first boyfriend (now x boyfriend) that I get disturbed by realistic genetalia, he found it very weird, and wanted to help me overcome it. He asked me questions and send some porn, but it didn't help me.
At the same time, I could talk about sex open to him, as if there was no problem, which I find weird.

But does anybody know if this problem is normal? I have tried looking for similar things, that other people have dealt with, but didn't find anything helpful.

By disturbence I mean that I feel mentally sick if I look at it, and even the fictional kind can make me sick after some time. Pukey It could be because I rarely actually see real genetalia, and therefore isn't used to it, but I don't know.

It took me quit some time and will to even try writing about this, but I don't want to live with it for the rest of my life.
Rather force myself to do the temporary discomfort, than live with what already is uncomfortable. Cry

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